Celebrating the creative journey October 14, 2015 16:37

Have you seen the #wipsandblooms tag on Instagram? It’s a place for makers and crafters to share pictures of their wips (works in progress) and seasonal blooms. It’s a really lovely idea – a celebration of nature, the handmade, and of the creative process itself.

A selection of images from the #wipsandblooms tag

A selection of October's #Wipsandblooms entries selected by @ceramicmagpie - with thanks to @timberandtwine.co, @harryandfrank, @janiceissitt_life_style, @p4chenh

While the creative journey can be crisscrossed with challenges and setbacks, these often beautiful and carefully considered pictures tend to have a soothing, more sedate quality and they capture something about the sense of contentedness that can come about through making.

Looking at the feed and comments, you also get a sense of the community that binds the makers behind these images.

#wipsandblooms prizes

The prize for October's #wipsandblooms pick includes a recycled glass vase, a poppy seedball tin and a lovely vintage-style pocket notebook. Pictured by Kate at A Playful Day.

The #wipsandblooms tag is co-hosted by @aplayfulday and @ceramicmagpie. If you’d like to get involved, take a photo of your work in progress (wip) and your favourite seasonal blooms (this month the theme is 'foraged'). Don't forget to use the hashtag and to tag the hosts.

Their favourite entry for October will win a bundle of little treats from Mimosa Street (pictured above). And if you don’t fancy taking part, you can still visit the #wipsandblooms feed for some creative inspiration.

Whatever you’re making this month, enjoy your creative journey.

PS. If you're on Instagram, you can find Mimosa Street here: @mimosastreet.